The gray economy, online education and e-health have been revealed by the pandemic

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The 2020 pandemic will have had the benefit of shaking things up in some sectors that were struggling to develop.
Three of these sectors in particular will require more and more designers to meet specific challenges.

Grey economy

The world is aging. The baby boomers will soon all be of retirement age…

To create great user experience, you need to think beyond nice screens

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The ergonomics aspects of a product are intimately linked to the positive or negative experience that users will get from it. Understanding the main types of ergonomics allows us to understand how to design a holistic experience for all the people who will interact a product.

Physical ergonomics

Physical ergonomics refers to…

Utility, usability and acceptability are the keys to success according to ergonomics.

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Many projects dealing with new technologies and innovations have been made since the 2000s. Some of them have broken through and revolutionized our societies, but most of them have failed and fallen into oblivion.

How to explain it?

The success of a project is obviously multifactorial and complex to explain…

Engineering, marketing and ergonomics have very different objectives

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Three of these visions are particularly present in today’s world and coexist, sometimes even within a project. Companies have several departments that each have their vision of the innovations produced.

The engineering vision:

Engineers hold knowledge that others do not. They understand the technology, talk to the machines, create objects and digital objects…

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