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A blured screen and hardware part of a computer with neon
A blured screen and hardware part of a computer with neon

What’s Cloud computing

A PC is a mix of hardware (screen, graphic card, processor), an operating system (IoS, Window, Linux, Android), and software.

The software your computer can run is limited to the hardware it possesses. A low-quality graphic card can’t handle games with detailed graphics like GTA 5 or Cyber punk77.

With Cloud computing and Cloud gaming, that issue disappears because your computer is emulated and streamed. With this technology, all you need is to have a screen, mouse, keyboard, and Internet connexion.

Even if the technology has its cons, it’s still promising. To name a few :

  • It requires a good…

On ne devient pas l’homme le plus riche du monde uniquement en vendant des livres

In English here.

Jeff Bezos giving a speech. A wall of plants behind him.
Jeff Bezos giving a speech. A wall of plants behind him.

Jeff Bezos est le plus riche ou du moins dans le trio de tête actuel des hommes les plus riches du monde. Quand vous avez plus de 200 milliards de dollars, ce genre de question triviale n’a pas d’importance.

Il est juste de se demander comment Amazon, un site de vente, l’a rendu si riche ? S’il n’y avait eu que cela, e-bay, Craiglist ou Leboncoin auraient fait des milliardaires de leurs créateurs.

La vérité est que la fortune de Jeff Bezos provient principalement d’un autre service qu’il possède : AWS.

Un fait amusant qui a fait…

You don’t become the richest man in the world only by selling books

In French here.

Jeff Bezos giving a speech. A wall of plants behind him.
Jeff Bezos giving a speech. A wall of plants behind him.

Jeff Bezos is the richest or at least in the current top three of the richest man in the world. When you have more than 200 billion dollars, this kind of trivial question doesn’t matter.

It’s fair to wonder how Amazon, a selling site, made him so rich? If it was just that, e-bay or Craiglist would have made billionaires of their creators.

The truth is that Jeff Bezos’ fortune mostly comes from another service he owns: AWS.

A fun fact that went viral: to represent Jeff Bezos’ net worth in rice, you would need 58 lbs…

Quelques concepts simples

En anglais ici

Lunettes, I-phone, stylo et vis sur fond blanc
Lunettes, I-phone, stylo et vis sur fond blanc

Les smartphones sont omniprésents dans nos vies. Ce petit appareil a changé à jamais non seulement nos vies, mais aussi la société dans son ensemble.

Presque tout le monde possède un smartphone, des jeunes aux personnes âgées, des riches aux sans-abri, dans tous les pays, même dans les villages sans électricité.

Cet appareil est un formidable carburant pour la créativité, et les gens aiment à imaginer des concepts de technologies qui remplaceront les smartphones actuels.

J’aimerais commencer l’année 2021 par une étude de cas sur ce sujet : quelle technologie pourrait remplacer les smartphones ?

Pour commencer…

Faisons un internet plus propre !

Version anglaise ici

Un ordinateur posé dans un parc
Un ordinateur posé dans un parc

Pollution plastique, empreinte carbone, disparition des animaux, tous ces problèmes ne sont pas nouveaux mais la société moderne semble enfin s’en soucier sérieusement.

Tous les domaines tentent de passer au vert, en capitalisant sur la façon dont les gens vont percevoir leur marque. En regardant des vidéos sur les nouvelles 2020 à Ux, je me suis demandé si ces tendances auront un impact négatif sur l’environnement ?.

Cette question s’est posée parce que l’une des tendances de 2020 pourrait être de mettre des vidéos plutôt que des photos sur les pages d’accueil des sites web (parce que…

Some smooth concepts

in French here

Glasses, I-phone, pen, and screw on a white background
Glasses, I-phone, pen, and screw on a white background

Smartphones are omnipresent in our lives. This little device forever changed not only our lives but societies in its entirety.

Almost everybody has a smartphone, from youngsters to elders, rich people, and homeless ones, in every country even in villages without electricity.

Such an omnipresent device is a great fuel for creativity, and people like to come up with concepts of technologies that will replace current smartphones.

I’d like to start 2021 with a case study on this topic: what technology could replace smartphones.

To begin, let’s take a look at concepts that can be found easily…

When the diversity of backgrounds makes it harder for companies

A man in suit with holding a lens deforming his face
A man in suit with holding a lens deforming his face

When Don Norman first used the word UX design in the ’90s, only ten people could pretend to this title. Today over 238,000 active workers call themselves Ux designer in the US alone, and this number keep growing.

The market is far from saturated, but with more and more profiles of Ux designers available, it’s becoming harder for companies to find a set of skills suited for their needs.

For the same goal and the same job, two UX designers can have different backgrounds, sensibilities, and work’s methodology.

To counter that, companies must understand what is a Ux designer.

And how to solve them

Word “Marketing” written with papier-mâché
Word “Marketing” written with papier-mâché

I … have a problem with marketing. I just don’t get it. I may be naive, but over a certain point needed to have a brand known to some customers, I have the feeling that marketing isn’t useful.

I know most people reading on medium love marketing strategy, business development, SEO optimization, and shit. But I can’t help it, the more I think about marketing, the more I think it’s just bad for the world…

Hear me out.

Marketing is an art. The art, not to sell , but to make people buy.

That’s important, because marketing is often label…

Africa has always been the coveted jewel of the world.

Akon city 3D model
Akon city 3D model

Dozens of rich kingdoms used to be and made European envious in the late 19th, leading to the sad story of colonization.

Today, Africa is still linked to Europe due to this old-time, with a lot of poor countries, African countries need foreigners investment.

Despite common languages share with European countries, it is China that invests the most in Africa today, paying for ports, airports, dam, and more.

But the biggest project running today is surprisingly American. Not initiate by Trump or future president Biden, but by a lone citizen.

Welcome to Akon city

What does science and professional say about it.

A soldier walking on war field
A soldier walking on war field

While user testing, card sorting, and many more tools have been scientifically proven to end up increasing the usability of an interface, the need to always tend to more agility give birth to new tools, too young to be back up by scientific studies.

Ux designers must be open to new ways to work and analyze their interfaces, but they must also be careful about what we are promised for using new tools.

Guerilla testing was a trend in 2017 and is still used by many Ux design companies. Two years later, what do we know about this tool?

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French air breather and technology enthusiast

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